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Loyalty Card Regulations

Points Regulation 2023-2024

Tezza Calzature activates a customer loyalty initiative through which discounts are granted to customers who - under the conditions specified below - make purchases at the point of sale located in Piazza Monza n. 25 in Dueville.

The new points collection campaign will start on 5/01/2023 and end on 30/11/2024, you will then have until 31/12/2024 to consume the remaining points. On 01/01/2025 the points will then be completely reset.

Only holders of the Tezza Calzature Loyalty Card can participate in the initiative.

During the season the accumulation will be €1 = 1 point, and the points can be deducted to obtain the resulting discount.

During the period of sales or various promotions, every €2 = 1 Point will be accumulated and accumulated points cannot be deducted.

The points thresholds are as follows:
100 Points = €5 discount
350 Points = €17.50 discount
600 Points = €45 discount
1000 Points = €100 discount

The discount can only be spent in a single solution from the day following the last purchase, without minimum spending but in any case without the right to a refund of any difference between the accrued discount and the cost of the purchase for which it is claimed.

You can accumulate points in the loyalty card you prefer, but they can only be deducted by the owner of the card.

So if the husband accumulates, for example, in his wife's loyalty card, her consent will be required for the points to be deducted and vice versa.

You will continue to accumulate points even on a discounted purchase with the use of them.

For example, if you purchase a value of €100 and €5 is deducted with the use of 100 points and you therefore pay €95, another 95 points will still be accumulated.

The holder can ask at any time about their situation regarding the "TEZZA CALZATURE LOYALTY CARD" by contacting Tezza Calzature by telephone: 0444590070, e-mail: or by going to the store in person.

Since the staff of Tezza Calzature srl is not required to ask customers whether they participate in this initiative, it will be the responsibility of the card holder to show the loyalty card from time to time (at the same time as the individual purchase) to enjoy the accumulation of points. Any requests for recognition of points made not at the same time as the purchase, even if proven by a commercial document, cannot be accepted.

If the customer legitimately requests termination of the purchase contract (e.g. for defects of conformity that cannot be resolved with repair or replacement) and obtains a refund of the sum spent, the corresponding loyalty points accrued at the time of purchase, if any, will be deducted.