5 excellent gift ideas for HER!

Discover the 5 most suitable gift ideas for HER

If this year too you find yourself perplexed, unsure of how to make your loved one happy, be it your partner, your mother or your best friend... listen to her!

Surely, during your walks in front of the shop windows, she will have already mentioned the color of the bag that is missing from her collection, how a scarf and hat set would keep her warm and match perfectly with her new coat, or maybe it's been a while It's been a while since he received a thoughtful gift from you and doesn't want to find yet another pajama under the tree.

If your intuition disappoints you, don't worry, we have the right suggestion for the perfect gift.

Let's start with the trendy must-have of the year 2023: the Tommy Hilfiger shopping bag (or shopper, as many call it), which you can find in our store in a beautiful butter color.

The shopping bag remains one of the most used bags by women out and about for work or university, as it can comfortably contain a small laptop, a notebook, the classic water bottle, and even the packed lunch prepared the night before with the leftovers from dinner.

In short, everyone wants it for its comfort and capacity, and if it is elegant and branded... even better!

For a romantic touch, choose the Label Rose Shopper in blue, with a front closure accessory reminiscent of the iconic Hermes Kelly.

Its trapezoidal shape, with open sides reminiscent of wings, gives it a unique charm that is sure to turn heads. The bag can be locked with the front key and is roomy enough to accommodate your lunchbox.

Enhance your style with the perfect CK shoulder bag and wallet match, available in various designs and colors.

Ideal for a sporty and practical woman who loves to have her hands free from any discomfort.

Imagine being at the supermarket with a cart to push, milk and eggs to carry and a bag to hold; It's a recipe for exhaustion!

So opt for a small wallet that fits perfectly in your shoulder bag and make it forget about unnecessary receipts and clutter.

If you prefer a more organized and compact bag, then the Label Rose Paige Saffiano shoulder bag is the one for you.

It's small but smartly designed to hold all your essentials, making it perfect for a Tetris player.

Available in various pastel and bright colours, it is a versatile garment that completes any wardrobe, from the sporty one to the sophisticated and elegant one. The bag also features a sweet handle, making it perfect for carrying by hand.

Among the wonders of the fashion world, the very famous Hobo Bag CK stands out. Before you get us wrong, we are not talking about an ancient treasure chest, but rather a delicious treasure to be carried with grace.

It is a small-sized accessory, perfect to carry under the arm and very trendy, especially among young fashionistas.

Available in an elegant black, with the logo clearly visible on the front, it is the ideal choice for those who always want to keep up with the latest trends without sacrificing style.

Perfect for a casual look, but also for an elegant evening combined with a sheath dress and pumps.

However, remember its small size and don't forget to choose a wallet that is kept to a minimum, so you can hold it without problems. Leave your shopping receipts at home and enjoy your new accessory with style and lightness.

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