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5 trendy little gifts to make your girl's head turn!

Friends, it's time to impress with a super chic gift, to match her perfect outfit!

You know that a silk scarf is ideal for giving a touch of style to that herringbone coat, while a pair of leather gloves will make her feel like a real diva!

Here are 5 ideas to make it shine like a star:

The Tommy Hilfiger hat and scarf set, available in fuchsia, gray and black, is perfect for any occasion, from the sportiest to the most elegant. Which woman doesn't love showing off a warm scarf in winter, perhaps over an aperitif with friends?

Shepherd's pure sheepskin slippers are that touch of softness that every woman deserves after a long day at work, perhaps in heels.

Trendy slippers: available in a thousand different colours, to satisfy even the most extravagant needs! Useful for a quick trip to the bakery or for a walk with your best friend. Hey, let's not judge those who leave the house in slippers! The important thing is to do it with style!

CK Socks and Belt Set: The perfect gift for the crafty and fashionable girl! With three different socks, you can choose the right one for each type of shoe.

And the black belt with a hard logo instead of a buckle looks great both with an elegant dress and with casual jeans.

Your friend will be surprised by your choice of super cool gift!

Cult scarf, with studs, red and black checkered or plain: the perfect gift for girls who suffer from the cold!

Wear it over your favorite coat and you will be ready to face the Christmas markets, sipping a delicious mulled wine.

It can also wow the crowd, expertly rolling up a scarf paired with a sports jacket, like our studded combat boot. But don't stop there!

Pair with the Tommy furry bucket hat and the black leather glove with branding on the cuff for a romantic and fashionable look.

The glove is equipped with a special thimble to respond to your partner's messages without taking them off.

And for the days when you need extra cuddles, the sweet and soft black fur (and reversible in white) is the perfect cuddle when chocolate isn't enough.

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