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4 cuddly gift ideas for your children!

When there is a child in the family, everyone feels like Santa Claus!

But when it comes to writing the letter, the boy will ask for a bulldozer, the fire truck or a life-size dinosaur, while the little girl might ask for the doll of the moment, a cosmetic bag or the Ikea kitchen.

On Christmas day, the house becomes a real playground, but let's not forget to take a coffee break (which will keep us awake all day!) amidst the shouts of joy of our little ones, who immediately want to run under the tree to see what Santa brought them.

So here are some ideas to make the little ones happy with useful gifts suited to the current times, which will certainly make parents happy too.

Choose your baby's first shoes with an edge!

Bobux soft soles are the latest news from New Zealand, designed for your little one's posture from their first steps.

These shoes allow little feet to be free and feel the ground beneath them, just like barefoot!

An extraordinary gift for those who want to amaze, with a thousand different patterns to choose from.

But above all, a gift for your child's future.

Don't be afraid of puddles!

With Igor rain boots, your child will be able to play and have fun in the rain, walk among the autumn leaves or do outdoor activities without worrying about getting their feet wet.

These colorful boots, with or without fur, keep little feet warm and comfortable, away from the usual boring sneakers.

Here are the Grunland fur ankle boots, very sweet and super trendy!

If you combine them with colorful socks and a cute dress, your little girl will seem to be walking on clouds.

But it doesn't end there: these ankle boots are bold even with jeans and cuddly with a tracksuit!

It's the best thing? Your little one will never complain about having sore or cold feet, she will be able to walk lightly and have fun!

And to complete the outfit, you can't miss the Mr. Tiggle rain cape!

Available in different patterns, it will make your children's look even more playful and cheerful. With the perfect combination of Mr Tiggle booties, your little ones will have perfect armor to face any rainy and foggy day, without ever losing the desire to play!

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